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There are 3 things that truly inspire and move my soul into creativity. They have had a profound impact on my life and have shaped so much of the person I am today. My creativity is a reflection of how these things have influenced my personal and spiritual journey as a Two Spirit human being, 
I am soul on a mission to create healing, awareness, connection, love, and joy for myself and for others in this world. 


The first thing that has impacted so much of my life is self awareness, personal growth, and spirituality. My expansion has been Influenced by old world mysticism, shamanic practice, energy work, and various transformation and leadership trainings. These have been the tools that have guided my healing, my development and the self love I have carved out along the way. It inspires me to create art infused with Spirit, prayer, and positivity in a world that could use some now.


The second thing that inspires and teaches me much about life is nature. The Earth is sacred, she gives us life, she is the foundation of all creation. She is the water we drink, the food we eat, the energy that nourishes our bodies and sustains all of life. She shares her bounty selflessly with all creation. Nature inspires me to share her wisdom, her beauty, and the importance of her protection.


The third thing that influences my creativity is my authentic self expression. As a queer person navigating life in a world that tends to suppress and erase our existence, being out and proud is important to our visibility and our acceptance. It is important for me to create a safe space in this world where the LGBTQI+ community can experience the freedom of being fully self expressed without fear of shame or harm.