Returning to oneness

a Journey of self


Inner growth is a journey we choose to walk everyday. A journey where we bring conscious attention to the parts of ourselves that are not true reflections of who we know ourselves to be at our center. Actively looking within to heal our sacred wounds, we bring light to what’s under the surface and shed layers of old belief systems and conditionings that no longer serve our expansion. We do this work in order to rediscover and reconnect with our truest, most authentic and loving self. We seek to be the best versions of ourselves, for ourselves and for all of life that surrounds us.


The Journey Home

The Journey Home is a 3 month program focusing on the elevation of Body/ Mind/Spirit. Through the integration of Science (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming) and Spirituality (Intuition, Ceremony, Ritual and Ancient Practices) we work together to uncover your sacred wounds. These wounds become our limiting beliefs which are shaped  by our conditioning, lower vibrational programming, childhood trauma, past-life trauma, present-day obstacles, or other negative experiences. These limiting beliefs are subconsciously shaping how we show up to life and inhibiting us from experiencing our best self and our best life.

Together we will embark on a journey to your center. The place within you where you FEEL your wholeness, where you wlecome the growth and the healing in a safe container. You will become your own safe container, your own fertile soil where your dreams and desired can grow into fruition. Together we will work to move through those beliefs and empower you to  live a life filled with joy, passion, authenticity, prosperity and freedom.


Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki blends the timeless wisdom of two ancient healing traditions, Shamanism, a practice of journeying into our subconsciousness to retrieve information from Spirit, and Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy, the stream of energy that connects all living things. Tuning in and tuning up to your body’s energy field, I work with the elements to clear any blockages that are present. 

Intuitive Readings

There are moments in our lives where we find ourselves experiencing uncertainty around certain situations. Sometimes we just need a little divine guidance, affirmation, or a spiritual nudge in the direction that will best serve our highest self. Oracle and Akashic readings are the perfect way to receive insight and clarity on any given situation or challenge you may be experiencing.

House Blessings

There is no space more sacred than our home, it is our sanctuary. It is the place that holds our most loving and intimate relationships and the space we hope to find peace and joy at the end of our day. Sometimes the energy in our homes can become stagnant and heavy, affecting us and those we love from experiencing that peace and joy. If your home is feeling off, it’s time to clear your home!

*All sessions can happen in person, virtually through Zoom, or as a distance sessions