Picture this: a scruffy mohawk (dyed in…well, in many colors. Depending on the mood, depending on the day, y’know…), a bulky septum ring, platformed footgear, and inked knuckles that spell out WEREWOLF. This is some of what my eyes first landed on when I met Wolfie, the creator of TWG – I could not look away. Sure, his appearance was provocative and enticing, but it was his being-ness that held my attention.

So I looked a little closer: playful (and oh so dramatic)
mannerisms, big-and-bright-and-brown-wide-eyes, and a loopy smile. This dude was a conundrum so (naturally) I stuck around and fan girl’d a bit…a lot. I hung around so long in fact, that he asked me to write this marvelous website bio: “Make sure that everyone on the site gets that they’re family and they’re safe here.” So let me tell you what I’ve learned about this man.

He is incredibly resilient and courageous. He’s queer as fuck. He lives his life with arms behind his back, heart forward. He’s pagan (I’ve experienced few with such an intimate and trusting connection). He has a tangible respect for and a loving relationship with Earth. He is such a hippie – a few decades back, he was part of the Rainbow Gathering and lived an off-grid gypsy lifestyle.
He learned a lot during those years, hopping from state park to state park in a gutted school bus.

One of those skills is an impressive mastery of bonfires. He’s Cuban-American. He’s part of a beautiful kink community, a leather family. He’s a whiskey drinker. Oh yeah, he’s a Game of Thrones kinda guy. He’s a steampunk dude. He is deeply dedicated to supporting and looking out for LGBTQ youth. He’s a stand for community and gives everything he’s got to source equality. He hires young queer people to help create your t-shirts and gear so they can support themselves and
live beautiful, powerful lives.

He’s a trans man:

A transgender man. A transformational man.

He’s seen the worst in people and continues to believe (and be a stand for) the best in people. That is the depth of his courage and the tangibility of his strength. And now he’s making your stuff!

Part of his design motto is to create gear that celebrates individuality and promotes visibility and overlap amongst different communities. Communities that would otherwise not know about each other. When I asked him why TWG was important, he explained, “It’s important that we see each other and that we be seen. You get how our culture tries to erase and incriminate our differences, right? I fought close to 40 years for my identity – that experience was too long and too hard for me to now remain unseen. It’s important that trans-folks and fringed folks be seen so that we are tolerated, then accepted, then equal. With TWG, we get to share our voices without speaking a

This is Lukkas Wolf, founder and OG of TWG. He’s gonna want you to call him Wolfie. I invite you
to go experience him through his designs and offerings. Like the rest of his life, his website is incredibly fluid. Thank you for supporting what TWG represents: a movement to create a unified, creative, loving, and abundant world. May your purchases serve you and fill you with the extraordinary realization that you are unwaveringly and permanently valuable. We stand for you.

We stand with you. We love you!

Kitten (Wolfie’s OG fan girl)