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I’m Lukkas Wolf, but most people call me Wolf. I am a creative, intuitive, healer with a deep connection to Mother Earth and her medicine, and the mastermind behind Two Wolves Co. My purpose in this world as a healer is to support people in moving past the energetic blockages or self limiting conversations that keep them from having their best life. My passion as a creative is that folks get the power of living life authentically, creatively, adventurously, and feeling a sense of freedom in owning and expressing who they are. My purpose and my passion are shaped by my experiences as a spiritual human and as a Two Spirit Transman in this world. I share the insights and wisdom that I’ve learned along the way on this journey, while creating visibility, authenticity, connection, some really cool art, and only more love!


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I combine my spirituality and my creativity to make some pretty cool tees + stickers. I take my own personal sacred art and turn it into art that you can use to adorn your bodies, laptops, cars (or brooms). Whatever suits your magic, chances are you’ll find it here!

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