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Sometimes in life two specials humans stumble across each others path and they just know that this other human is going to be significant in their life some how. There’s a magnetic pull, a familiar curiosity each of them can’t ignore. And when they connect… Magic happens!!! That has DEFINITELY been my experience with Debbie Magic. She’s brilliant, intuitive, passionate, hilarious, loving, and she has a big vision for the world. She’s my dearest friend and one of very first clients! 

We have worked together on many of her passion projects along the way. From the birthing of Bodhi Wellness, her wellness center in Coral Gables. To her current expansion into private practice as a coach, a healer, and teacher of her practice. As her visions and projects grow and expand so do the needs of her business. I always look forward to the next opportunity to bring her design visions into fruition.  

Beginning to work with Wolfie was a magical experience. Continuing to work with Wolfie has been a no-brainer. Every single vision or project I bring to his table, he brings to life in such a beautiful, unique way. Some context: I am a serial soul-preneur. That means I love creating businesses, bringing them to life, cultivating them, before moving on to a new project. I love that this is part of who I am: someone who creates platforms for others to connect, heal, and transform. With all of these ideas and commitments, I've needed a reliable support team to help me tether these business ideas into tangible realities. Cue Wolfie. From building my coaching brand to developing my business cards, newsletter graphics, social media images, manuals for online courses, you name it - he's created it for me. From the colors to the details to the suggestion, Wolfie goes above and beyond any and all other designers I've worked with. He's carved out time to listen to me share my ideas, dig into my hope and vision, and translate that energy into something tangible and engaging and authentically me. He brings more than design, he brings truth and coaching and guidance to the table. He's unwaveringly committed to creating something magnetizing and holy, something that aligns with my communities and my heart. He is my go-to designer and I do not foresee that changing. Ever. He has become so much more than a designer, he's become soul tribe and a valued guide. I trust him with my businesses, my people, and my vision. He embodies integrity and creativity. Thank you for all you do and continue to do, Wolfie.

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