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Working with Bryan has truly been a delight! From the moment we connected I knew this would be a unique project and I was excited at the opportunity to design and create for him. I felt very connected to his purpose, supporting the LGBTQI+ community in healing their wounds and reclaiming a relationship to their own sacredness through spirituality and sacred sexuality. As a Trans person. this same work has been such a part of my own personal journey. Bringing grace and light to such a taboo subject, as a designer, was a challenge I was eager to dive into. Working together with Bryan throughout the project, keeping the intention of his message as the compass, we brought his vision to life! Bryan and I continue to work together and a friendship has flourished. View the website here.

Wolfie is a gift and an absolute pleasure to work with. I reached out to build a website that would allow me to offer my spiritual services. I entrusted him with very personal and creative passions and ideas, and what a wonderful partner he was and continues to be. Wolfie gave plenty of feedback and suggestions while respecting my intent and personal wishes. He handles pivots, changes, new ideas and “freak-out” moments with grace and smiles. I receive comments every week from people who find my website and say “Wow, what a beautiful and inviting offering.” I could not have done that without Wolfie and his truly magical and inspiring touch and heart.
I also highly recommend Wolfie for his graphic design. I could not be more thrilled to use and share my logos that we created together. I simply gave words, ideas, and phrases at most. He brought those ideas to life in my logos that he initially draws by hand. There are few folks out there who are going to do this for you! And who will take the time to understand what is inside of you and how they can best help to interpret that to the world. Wolfie does!
I am beyond grateful. And l and take courage each day knowing that as I grow my new offering that no matter what comes up or what new ideas arrive to me, that I am supported by Wolfie, with whom anything is possible.

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