Welcome intuits, mystics, visionaries, healers, and disruptors:
(Yes, muggles, you can tag along, too)
I’m Lukkas Wolf, but most people call me Wolfie. I am a creative intuitive with a vision of bringing healing, wisdom, connection, and freedom to this planet. I do this through my energy work, my creative designs, and by educating through workshops and events – I often share the insights that I’ve learned on this journey as a Two Spirit transman. My vision has been shaped by my experiences and I’ve chosen to create visibility, authenticity, peace, and only more love.

This love I share with you: because my commitment is to YOU, that you heal fully and wholly, that you reclaim your significance and your power, and that you feel fully expressed in your authentic skin. Whether that be physically, energetically, or with your personal brand identity, chances are you’ll find some of what you’re looking for here!

Here’s how I can support:


Release, recharge & reconnect with your inner peace through these healing modalities + spiritual guidance. This session helps you release what no longer serves you and activate the energy you do desire. We are all energy and when it flows, we flow.


Creativity is a great passion and a great love of mine. I use it to help small businesses and badass visionaries to create a bit of digital magic in the form of logos, business card, product packaging, marketing materials, and more.


I combine my spirituality and my creativity to make some pretty cool tees, stickers, and swag. I often take my own personal sacred art and turn it into art that you can use to adorn your bodies, laptops, cars (or brooms). Whatever suits your magic, chances are you’ll find it here!

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